Friday, January 2, 2015

A Bloggy Buddy Giveway and NEW Creations

I just wanted to take a minute to tell you all a few things:

1.  My friends over at The Teaching Trio are having a HUGE Giveaway to celebrate their 500 Followers!

There are some GREAT prize packs up for grab!  I'm part of the intermediate one--you could win $6 worth of products from my store...along with LOTS of other great things, too!!!!! :)  Click on the picture above to head over their way!

2.  I have been hard at work on 3 new products.  I haven't blogged lately about anything I've made, so I think I'm overdue. :)

First, I made this game to practice solving Algebraic Expressions.  It was a hit!  This can easily be the ONLY thing that you use to reinforce your lesson, because this ONE game can be adapted and differentiated EIGHT--yes, EIGHT ways!!!  It is cooperative learning, engaging, and depending on how you differentiate-CHALLENGING! :)

I also worked on some Valentine's Day WORD PROBLEM Task Cards, too! :)

If you enter the Teaching Trio's Giveaway---these could be YOURS!  

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