Saturday, August 16, 2014

Classroom Procedures Blog Hop & a Classroom Rewards Freebie

Last Saturday of summer vacation!  AHHHHHH....where did the summer go????  Well, in the spirit of back to school I have teamed up with some fellow North Carolina teachers for a classroom procedure blog hop!! 

Classroom procedures are SOOOOOO important!!!  It's always amazing how just one little blip in a normal procedure can throw the whole day off.  We know what it is like when we are out of the classroom, and a guest teacher is in our spot!  The students are always there to remind them of how "Ms/Mr. So and So does it this way!" :)  That's the sign of a good procedure! :)  So here are some of my FAVORTE tips for back to school, or if you are just starting out as a teacher.
 I have only always had 3:  Be Safe, Be Respectful and Be Responsible.  That pretty much sums it all up! :)  On that first week I have those rules up on the board, and we brainstorm as a class what each rule means and looks like.  I still plan to do that this year with my 6th graders!  

Every year I have my class make a procedure handbook for the classroom:

We talk as a class about each procedure, then the students pair up, write what they are to do for each procedure, illustrate it, and then present it to the class. This gives THEM some ownership in the classroom.  It also makes for a great bulletin board display to start the year and then goes great into a class handbook for new students, guest teachers, or even students that need a refresher.  If you're interested in trying this in your classroom, check it out by clicking the picture above. :)

So...I always thought that I LOVED hand held pencil sharpeners for kids.  I mean what is better than them sharpening their own pencils at their seat...until it crashes to the floor while you are teaching!!  So, from there on, I have used this:
I love that students can just put a pencil that isn't sharp in the basket to be sharpened, and then take a brand new one to write with. Whoever invented this idea is GENIUS! :)

Ok, raise your hand if your first few years teaching you broke the bank buying things for your treasure box??  I know I SURE did!!!!  That is when I had to think up a solution.  I came up with a variety of classroom rewards that students can choose from that are mostly FREE!!!
This is just the first page of it.  It's in my TPT store for free, so if you click on the picture above it will take you right to it! :)
 I used a classroom economy system in elementary school, so this worked out PERFECTLY.  They kept it in their take home folders, and could refer to it periodically to see what they were saving up for!  
So, there was MY take on classroom procedures! :)  What are some of YOUR favorite procedures or tips and tricks in YOUR classroom?

Now, to continue hopping, head on over to visit Kim from Activity Tailor!  She has some GREAT tips to offer you on students with attention issues and a SUPER freebie!

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  1. I love the reward list with prices! I'm introducing a classroom economy this year. My prices will be different, but I was racking my brain with ideas other than hitting up the party supply aisle! Thanks so much for joining the blog hop!

    Primary on the Prowl


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