Monday, August 11, 2014

Monday Made It-Subway Art Obsession

HAPPY MONDAY!  This is my LAST Monday before I am officially back in Back to School mode.  AHHH...

Before I get on with the Monday Made It's, I just want to thank everyone for all of your support during my 100 follower giveaway!!! :)  We have three winners...I have already e-mailed you all.  
My Prize Pack:  Emily P.
Elementary Prize Pack:  Andrea L.
Secondary Prize Pack:  Purple P.
Congratulations!!!!!!!!!!! :)

Ok, time to link up with Tara over at Fourth Grade Frolics for Monday Made It!!! :)  I'm sure that so many people will have back to school Made It's so, I will try to keep them to a minimum. :)
This could potentially be my most FAVORITE thing that I have ever made for my classroom!!!  Since I will be teaching middle school this year, I needed some new posters for my wall because my other posters just won't cut it. :)  So...I made myself math problem solving strategy posters! :)

I have been LOVING the neon/black and neon/chalkboard look, so I made them in that style.  :)  I made a lime green tissue pom for the top, matted the pages I printed on black card stock, and then bought a cute black & white ribbon for hanging it.  :)

If you would like the printable, you can find it here:

Here is a NON-School related item that I made this week. :)  It was my hubby's birthday yesterday (he is also a teacher), and I had our son "make" this for him:
I figured that he could put this on his desk at school. :)  I just used a wooden frame from Michaels that I painted and used scrap book stickers to embellish it. 

Ok. here is the last school related thing that I will blog about.  I made some OTHER subway art items, too (along with about 15 tissue poms, but who wants to see a picture of that? :)).  I have a few FAVORITE quotes that I also turned into neon subway art, too!
I really love how these turned out!  Anyway, if you like them, you can click on the picture above.  

I will be going into my classroom today for the last time until next Monday when I am required to go back. I hope that you all have a WONDERFUL week!!!!!!!!!   

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