Sunday, March 22, 2015

Cookie Towers, Interpreting Data, and a GIVEAWAY!

It's that time again!  Time to link up with the Primary Chalkboard for their...
This week we did more with our Statistics unit!  We took an idea from Jen Runde, and built cookie towers to get our data set!

This was a LOT more fun than just making up a set of numbers, and it was nice because the students had a BLAST building their towers, too! :)

I had the students build two towers if the time (and the cookies) allowed.  I then had them give me their BEST one, and I recorded it on the board:

I then had them use that data to create a box and whisker plot using that data.  They had to find the IQR, mean, median, mode and range for the data, too.  We then went back again to work on percents--such a tough concept for these guys.  I had the class find out what percent of the students in the class built a tower taller than 20 cookies.  They created all of this onto a mini poster:

The students have REALLY been having a lot of fun with this! :)

In other news, this past week I was matched up with some other AWESOME bloggers as we embarked on the...
I was paired with with The Class Couple who was cheering on Xavier, and I was cheering on Ole Miss...however, on my first day of the match-up I was ELIMINATED!  YIKES!  So, as the one that lost, I am to offer up a giveaway of one of my BEST TPT Products, so I chose...

You can read more about it HERE.  It is one of my best sellers on TPT, and I am giving it away to one lucky (hopefully luckier than I was in my bracket!!) person!  Just enter below to WIN!

I have also FINALLLLLYYYYY reached 500 Followers on Teachers Pay Teachers!!!!  HOORAY!  I was at 499 for what seemed like FOREVER, so I am in the middle of planning another AWESOME Giveaway!  If you're a teacher, and would like to donate if you haven't already please go here. :)  THANK YOU!

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  1. I have just started reading and following your blog! I absolutely love it. I'm hoping to teach in middle school next year (I'm in elem. right now) and your blog is giving me great ideas and is so motivating. Thank you! And please keep blogging!!!!


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