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Statistics FUN (Mean, Median, Mode & Range) , March Madness, FREEBIE, and MORE!

It was another busy week in 6th grade, and again, I am linking up with two of my FAVORITE linkys (Five for Friday with Kacey and No Worksheet Wednesday with the Primary Chalkboard)!   So, here we go!

This week we started statistics in 6th grade (SOOOOO MANY fun things that you can do!)  We began by talking about mean, range, median and mode and added the following page and foldable to our interactive notebooks:

This is what the inside of the foldable looks like:

 The next day we used our notebooks to do a fun Mathtivity practicing finding the mean, median, mode and range of sets of data:
You can download this activity FREE by clicking HERE in my TPT store. :)  Please leave some feedback if you happen to download it--I appreciate it.

The students used their notebooks to help remember each vocabulary word as they completed the activity.

They used the work mat which had lists of score on it to answer questions on the data.

It was a lot of fun, and I hope that YOU enjoy it, too! :)

So, again this month, I am linking up with the Primary Chalkboard for the:
I have been having a LOT of fun with this, and I truly think that the students are enjoying it, too!  In the case of this project it turned into a No Worksheet Wednesday AND Thursday!
This week we did a fun March Madness activity with our new found learning on statistics!
We first added an entry to our interactive notebooks practicing taking a data set and displaying it into a line plot and a histogram:

I then let students choose a college basketball team that I had already printed out their season scores.  The students then needed to take all of the teams scores, and write them down, then order them least to greatest:

Once the students did that, they needed to find the mean, median, mode and range for each set of scores.  We also are participating in a #tbt in my classroom where we spend a little time reviewing things that have challenged us this year.  This #tbt we dedicated to finding percents, so I had the students also find the percent of games that their team won and lost. :)

The students also needed to display their teams data in a line plot AND a histogram.

The students did SUCH a great job with these!  It covered a LOT of standards in Statistics and Probability, made learning relevant, and the students were REALLY engaged, too!  The final products turned out great!

This week we also did our monthly class team builder/STEM lab challenge!!!
This was BY FAR the best one we have done yet!!!!!  The students had such a blast with The Pot O' Gold STEM Challenge, too!  Their goal was to build a tower out of straws that was TALL and STRONG.  They then had to put their "pot" (a mini cup) at the top of the tower.  The students had to then put as many pennies (gold) in as they could before the tower fell!  I awarded the teams points for height and then points for pennies, then totaled the two to find a winner.  For example, I had 9 groups, so the tallest tower got 9 points, and the smallest received 1.  Then once the pennies were put in the pots at the top, the most pennies got 9 points, and the least received 1. 

The designs were AH-MAY-ZING, and the students were the most engaged with this one that I created then they had with the rest!  Here are some of the designs:
 The tallest tower was 22.5 inches and the one that held the most pennies held 149!!  It was great!  There are some great extension activities, teacher directions and recording/planning sheets to accompany this STEM Challenge.  We are now looking forward to our April STEM Challenge:  Easter Marshmallow Launch!
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  1. I love the STEM activity! What a great way to get kids thinking outside the box. I also love all the real world math you are doing with statistics!

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