Saturday, October 11, 2014

Technology in a Semi-Flipped Classroom, Halloween Math Centers and MORE!

It's hard to believe ANOTHER week has passed!!  YIKES!  Where is the time going?!?!?  I saw on Instagram the other day someone posted that there were 10 more Friday's until CHRISTMAS?!?  Crazy!

I'm back again to link up with Kacey at Doodle Bugs teaching for her:

 This week I have exited my comfort zone in the classroom to try my hand at a semi-flipped classroom!!  YIKES!

In 6th grade, part of the science curriculum deals with ecosystems (which is one of my FAVORITE science topics!), so I wanted to do something with technology (we are lucky enough to have a class set of Chromebooks!).  My teaching partner did an AWESOME Amendment project with his students, so he is one of the reasons (well, pretty much the MAIN reason) why I have learned some new technology to try in the classroom.

First thing that we did for the unit was make some pretty cute vocabulary foldables for our notebooks:

Which one of my sweet students went home and colored that night.  :)

Then we did a lottery type system to pick groups to each present on a biome of the world.  The students will now be in charge of presenting about that biome to the class!  Each student also has a separate biome foldable that they have in their notebooks (more to come on that).  The students will fill out the foldable when the group presents and "teaches" the class about their biome!

How are they doing that?

Well, I have entered a new realm of technology!  I have never worked with Edmodo before, but now I love it!  I have all of the groups into my classroom on Edmodo (thanks again to the help of my teammate!).  Each group can communicate with each other at home to collaborate on their presentations that they are going to do!  I was AMAZED at how INTO this they are getting!!!!!!  It was like a perfect teaching moment!  I loved it!  

They are doing such an awesome job on their Prezi's (and getting sooooo creative!).  I can't wait to post soon about the final project!  They are due October 20th (I only get the classes every OTHER day), so stay tuned!!!!
 Another thing that I am loving this week are our Interactive Math Notebooks.  I was also very fortunate to have a law firm donate a HUGE box of colored paper to our classroom whenever we need it (just one side is used in one little strip), so we can make foldables until our hearts are content! :)  My classes are turning into Origami Masters!

The think that I love best about the notebooks, is I allow them to have some creative expression with them.  I model what to put on the foldables, but they make it their "own".  

This week we talked about decimal operations, I modeled the foldable, and this is what I saw:

The students are really loving having an interactive notebook, too!  
This week we also wrapped up our time learning about Number Systems, so on Thursday we played a review game with Task Cards (they voted Showdown again), and I worked with a small group playing the same game, but more of a guided practice version! :)

It covered ALL of the CCSS for 6th Grade under Number Systems (GCF/LCM, Operations with Decimals, Coordinate Grids, Integers, and Multiplying and Dividing Fractions).

Also, since we finished Number Systems, I went ahead and bundled ALL of my Number Systems resources:

It's all 7 resources for the price of 6!  Also, if you purchase this weekend while it is 20% off, you can get all of the resources for the price of 5!!!!! :)
 Also, this week I finished up all of my Halloween Math Center resources!  I mean, who says that in 6th grade we can't have fun for the holidays?!?! :)  I have to keep part of the elementary teacher in me, :)  I already let my students have a sneak peek, and they said they look awesome (so I got the 6th grader approval!)  Here is what I came up with:

This one is FREE!

Review of GCF: 

Multiplying and Dividing Fractions:

Operations with Decimals:

Distributive Property:

However, once I uploaded them, I also BUNDLED them into one pack.  So, in the bundle you will get ONE MORE of the centers for FREE!  Just click below! :)

Lastly, I hope that everyone had a wonderful week!  Our son is FINALLY starting to walk, and I wish that I could attach a picture!!  However, the minute he sees the camera he sits right down!  ha ha.  Anyone else have that issue?? :)  Stay tuned, and hopefully I will have a picture for you soon, if you don't see one on Instagram sooner! :)  Have a great weekend!!!!


  1. I love your interactive notebooks! They are so neat and organized. It looks like the kiddos really enjoy using them, too! :)

    - Abbey from Tremendous First Grade Tales

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