Sunday, November 9, 2014

Decimals and Percents, a Sale, and a Baby Shower

Well, it's Sunday, which means, 1.  It is still acceptable to link up I hope for a Five for Friday, and 2.  I also need to link up my Sunday Circular, too. :)

So, here is my link up with Kacey this week for Five for Friday:

I'm going to try this out this week as I link up with Nicole over at All Things Apple in 2nd.  I will try a buy 2 get one sale.  Buy ANY two items in my TPT Store, and get one for equal or lesser value for free! :)

This week we learned all about percents to decimals, fractions to decimals, decimals to percents, etc.  This is the first time the students had exposure to this, so it was an uphill battle. :)

We started my making a little foldable book for our Interactive Notebooks:

 We made it by taking a piece of colored paper, folding it half, and then in half again to make a little book.  Then we cut the fold at the top to make a little mini book. :)

This was one of the foldables that was their new favorite!  After we made each page, we did some examples of each conversion, then went on to the next page.  

We then talked a little the next day about writing examples of word problems into algebraic equations.  They REALLY struggles with ones like:  12 is 30% of what number.  So, we spent a lot of time talking about  the words is and of, and what they mean as an operation.  

Then we worked through some of my robot task cards...we are STILL not done.  I did task cards 1-4 as a whole class, then tried to see if they could try 5-8 independently, and we still struggled.  So we did 5-8 together as a guided practice, too!   Next week we plan to do the rest.  

If you're looking for a challenging percent activity this is it! :)
Next on our agenda will be practicing what we know using grocery store sales papers! :)

 I made a set of 36 task cards (there is something for ALL grade levels 4-7!)  that you can use with ANY sales paper.  It covers everything for operations with decimals to working with percents as a tax or a discount.  I can't wait!  What a great way to practice math in REAL LIFE! :)

Totally not school related, but yesterday I helped throw one on my BEST friends her baby shower! :)  I am sooooo super excited for her!  It made for a very fun Saturday. She is having a girl, so we are joking that her sweet daughter and my sweet baby B will be future boyfriend/girlfriend. :)

 This long holiday weekend, my fellow NC TPT-ers and I are part of a holiday Facebook hop!  You can hop all around the Facebook pages to get some awesome Freebies!!! :)

Here are all of the links you need to Hop 'til you drop! :)

I'm giving away my prime and composite color turkey, so be sure to hop around for some great freebies!!! :)

Last, I am very excited that it is a FOUR DAY weekend! :)  Monday for us is a work day, so I plan to go in and get some stuff done.  What about you all?


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