Friday, July 25, 2014

Five for Friday, Giveaway, and a Future Celebration?!?!

It's Friday, and time to link up with Doodlebugs for FIVE FOR FRIDAY!!!!!

Here we go!
After leaving NC over a month ago, we only have TWO more days until we leave Michigan! :(  
My family and my hubby's family are 5 hours away once you get to Michigan, so we have logged a lot of miles since we left NC, but all worth it.  It stinks sometimes being so far away from home. :(  However, we are a little anxious to get back to our house and me personally, I am looking forward to wearing something besides the clothes that I have in my suitcase that I've been wearing for the past 5 weeks. :)

My blog got a bit of a lift the week from sweet Lindsey over at Thriving in Third!!  She does AMAZING work if you're looking for a blog upgrade. :)  She is ALSO celebrating her one year bloggiversary with a H-U-G-E giveaway, so please check her blog out! :)
Today is the LAST day to enter my giveaway!!!

This is a great resource for your back to school planning!!!  Going over the rules and procedures can get, well, let's face it...kind of boring, but this helps to flip the review by having your students talk about the procedures and teaching each other what they are!  By the end of the project you have a nice little class handbook for students to refer to, look back at, or even as a handy resource for a guest teacher!!  
a Rafflecopter giveaway

So, as many of you know, we have a micro preemie, and we are PARANOID about stock in Germx paranoid.  All winter we went NOWHERE, so now that it's summer and not crazy germ season, we have been out and about. :)  Little Baby B LOVES being out and about...looking around at people at stores and just WATCHING things.  Last night we met up with my cousins for dinner, and this is my most FAVORITE picture from the night:
He was having WAYYYYYYY too much fun playing with empty to-go containers!!!  ha ha! :)
Ok, I am going to celebrate a little here....when I first started blogging about 2 months ago, I was nervous like I am sure everyone starts out.  I wasn't sure if ANYONE would care to read what I had to say, care what I did in my classroom, or even buy anything with their own hard earned money that I put out on TPT.  However, as I am now obsessed with ALL of this, I have learned one BIG THING.  Teachers are SERIOUSLY the nicest people EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  I already am feeling the love and support, have met some GREAT blogging buddies, and had an outpouring of support which I am so grateful for!!!!

I am already sooooooo close to my first milestone!  100 followers!!!  I celebrated when I got to 100 on Facebook, but I am super close to 100 on EVERYTHING which is AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!!!  I will DEFINITELY want to celebrate it because like I mentioned above it amazes me that there ARE people who care to read what I say. :)  I am very thankful for that!!!!!!!  I will be having a giveaway once I do reach that milestone, so I am planning ahead. :)  
If you would like to donate an item for my future celebration please fill out a form HERE.  Thank you!!!!!! :)

I hope that everyone has a WONDERFUL weekend!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  1. I absolutely love this blog post Lori. I love getting to know a bit about you. Your baby is seriously adorable! Congratulations on your milestones. I signed up to celebrate with you! =)

  2. I"m your newest follower on Bloglovin'! And that student procedures handbook looks adorable! I’m gearing up for a big giveaway on my blog on August 11 - come stop by so you don’t miss it!!
    Beyond The Gradebook


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