Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Wordless Wednesday. Facebook Fan Freebie, and Two for Tuesday EXTENDED

It's Wordless Wednesday, and time to link up with Christina at Second Grade Sugar and Spice for Wordless Wednesday!

 Here is my picture:
It's from my Up North Michigan visiting family trip!!  My favorite view in the evening and during the day. :)  My question is...what should I do with all of these "nature" shots that I have been taking?? :)

Also, this picture is on my INSTAGRAM page...YES, I finally made a teacher Instagram page!!!  I'm trying to mix it up though, a little teaching stuff, a little ME stuff, too.  You can find me HERE.

Last but not least, one last reminder that I extended my Two for Tuesday sale until today because I linked up late yesterday.
Click above to be linked to my TPT store and check it out! :)

LAST REMINDER:  Today I will be having a FLASH FAN FREEBIE on my Facebook page to celebrate my 100 followers, so if you haven't headed over and liked me, now is your chance!! :)  It's a flash fan freebie of my 24 set of multi-step word problem task cards, so you don't want to miss it!!!

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  1. Oh I so hope I don't miss the flash freebie. I will cry if I do lol. Love the pictures!

  2. My sister loves taking nature shots too! She printed hers out at Costco (very affordable!) and turned them into artwork! :)


  3. Hi Lori,
    Just an idea for your nature could make prints and put them in a place in your room for students to use as writing prompts when they finish their work. I keep some in my room and it is nice for those kids who "don't have anything to write about" when they finish the task I give them. Just an idea! Love the nature shots!!


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