Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Fraction Practice Grades 3-6 50% off TPT Resources

It's Tuesday, and you know what that means---it's...

TWO FOR TUESDAY with The Teaching Tribune!
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Today I am putting these two item up for 50% off in my Teachers Pay Teachers store:
The first item is my Fractions of a Set Task cards:
Click the above picture to take you to this item. :)
It contains 24 fractions of a set task cards which are word problems (most of them multi-step), a recording sheet and answer key.  It's a great resource for letting your students practice how to find fractions of a set in real world scenarios.
The second item is:
This a GREAT resource to reinforce with students how to plot, read, and interpret fractions on a line plot! In my experience this is a tough concept for students to grasp.

It's a 7 page printable resource can be used as guided or individual practice, as a guided math center game, homework, etc.! The possibilities are endless!
There are 2 independent practice pages which rely on students to plot fractions on a line plot, add and subtract fractions and mixed numbers, multiply a fraction by a whole number, find equivalent fractions, and simplify fractions.1 line plot recording sheet (you can print multiple times on card stock in color, then put it in a clear plastic sleeve to be used with dry erase markers over and over again).12 task cards for students to play “The Early Bird Gets the Worm!”1 worksheet that goes along with the task cards.
This game can EASILY be played more than once with a group since each time the task cards will be dispersed differently.

I hope that you enjoy these items!  :)

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