Tuesday, July 15, 2014

TWO FOR TUESDAY and Facebook Fan Flash Freebie!!!!!

I'm linking up with The Teaching Tribune today for Two for Tuesday!!!
So, there are TWO products in my TPT store that are 50% off today AND TOMORROW (since I am linking up late), and this week I am going for literacy!!!
Both my The Best Christmas Pageant Ever unit AND my Poppy unit have been used in my classroom, and worked really well.  I was very happy with the questioning, and my students really benefited from going THROUGH the text and finding that text-based evidence!!!  

Poppy is an entire unit with questions for each chapter, cross-curricular activities, and a final test.
The Best Christmas Pageant Ever unit is complete with questions for students (but also written on discussion cards for easy use in literature circles or group work), a final test, and activities.  So, for less than $10.00 today you can get TWO COMPLETE literacy units!!!  Now that's a deal! :)

Also, yesterday I hit my 100 fan goal (YAY) for my Facebook page, so there will be a flash freebie for FANS ONLY sometime tomorrow.  So, if you haven't stopped by my page, PLEASE do. :)
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