Monday, July 21, 2014

Two (or more) for Tuesday and a GIVEAWAY!!!!

It's time for Two for Tuesday again with The Teaching Tribune.  
 This week I couldn't decide what to put as my 2 for Tuesday, and I was feeling generous, soooooo...I put ALL of my math resources at 50% off for today!!!
All of the task cards have 24 cards each and are word problems. Best part is they are only $1.50 each!!!!!  CRAZY DEAL!  The Early Bird Gets the Worm is a fun activity with fractions on a line plot that contains a game and worksheets.  If you click on the above picture it will take you DIRECTLY to my TPT store! :)

Now, onto MORE fun stuff!!!  I finally as I mentioned before "fancified" my Student Procedure Handbook that I use every year:
This is a great resource for your back to school planning!!!  Going over the rules and procedures can get, well, let's face it...kind of boring, but this helps to flip the review by having your students talk about the procedures and teaching each other what they are!  By the end of the project you have a nice little class handbook for students to refer to, look back at, or even as a handy resource for a guest teacher!!  

I gave it away earlier on this week as a Flash Freebie, and I got some great feedback!  As promised, if you missed the flash freebie, you can win it today for FREE!!!!  Just enter the Rafflecopter below!  This is my first giveaway (they always look like so much fun!!!), so I'm not sure if anyone will even enter,  but we will see!!! :)  I hope that you do!!!  It really is a great activity for your students!  Don't forget to follow me on TPT, too just in case I update the file!  That way you can go back and get the update for FREE. :)

You have 3 days, and many chances to enter!  
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