Thursday, June 5, 2014

Blackbeard PBL

Well, with all of our end of the year testing preparations we finnnaaallllyyyy got around to finishing our project based learning activity (PBL) on Blackbeard (part of NC history).  The students had a BALL doing this!  They were truly engaged (even on the last full day of school!!) the whole way through the assignment because they got to choose from a menu of choices and picked the one that matched their interest.  For example, we had two groups choose to make the Queen Anne's Revenge;

 We had some groups make board games:
Other groups picked different choices.  The students had such a great time finishing, and tomorrow on our LAST day of school we are doing our presentations!

This PBL is available on my TPT STORE. If you're a NC teacher, this is a perfect activity!  :).   For those of you that leave a comment, I'll pick one of you at random to get it for free!!!! :)

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