Thursday, June 12, 2014

Throwback Thursday Linky *Teacher Style*

Happy Throwback Thursday!!! 

Again, today I am linking up with The Teaching Tribune for a Throwback Thursday!  
So, today for #TBT we are to post a picture of ourselves in the grade that we are teaching and tell about how and when we knew we wanted to be a teacher.

Soooooo...unfortunately I do not have a picture of me in 6th grade right now (but I will get one this summer when I go home to Michigan--I can't wait to see that gem again), but I have the picture of me when I was in fourth grade, which is the grade that I have taught for the past 3 years:

I ALWAYS knew that I wanted to be a teacher---ALWAYS.  I would play school EVERY summer with my sister (which is probably why she is NOT a teacher...haa haa).  I had some AH-MAY-ZING teachers when I was growing up, so I had some excellent role models to aspire to be like!  I was even lucky enough to do my student teaching with two of those teachers.  Ironically, I student taught in fourth grade (the grade I teach now) and 7th grade math/science (which is where I WILL be going--only 6th grade).  

I also always thought that I would be an elementary teacher, but as I have taught this level for 10 years now, I am ready to spread my wings, take a risk, and try something I knew I also wanted to do at some point.  I'm lucky that the middle school that I am going to is a feeder school to the elementary school that I taught in.  So, seeing my class list for next year was exciting because I have a LOT of my sweet students from the year before BACK!!!  So, we will all be experiencing middle school for the first time.

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