Saturday, June 14, 2014

Souped-Up Saturday Linky **FREEBIES**

Happy "Souped-Up" Saturday!!!!

This is my very first linky party aimed at making sure every Saturday I soup-up my freebies page with at LEAST a one page freebie. :)

If you would also like to participate, please use the following button, and link back to this post, please:

My goal is to meet more of the bloggers out there, and I can't wait to visit any pages that choose to link up today. :)  Especially if you're a newbie like I am, it's also a great way to be sure to get your freebies page something that people would like to visit.

Today, my freebie is FINALLY something that I plan to use in middle school!  It's a "Meet Me" questionnaire that I plan to have them do FIRST thing in the morning on the first day.  It's both a get to know them activity, and it's also going to be helpful to me to see which students I have certain things in common with, what they feel their strength and weakness is as far as subjects, and also to get their opinion on what rewards they will want to work hard for (since I still am stuck in an elementary mentality when it comes to that!!).
Click the above cover to be linked to my TPT store to download this for free!!!! :)

Also, last year my class really also struggled with fractions of a set in real world math problems, so I created this to help reinforce the topic:
Again, please link on the cover to go straight to my TPT store to download. :) I hope that you enjoy, and please don't forget to link up with me today, please!  I'm very excited to check out some new blogs, meet new teachers, and check out some freebies! :)

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