Friday, June 13, 2014

FIVE for Friday---Linky Party


It has been a WHIRLWIND week!!!  WOW!  Today I am linking up with Doodle Bugs Teaching for the FIVE FOR FRIDAY Linky:
So-here is my Five for Friday:
Because of ALL of our snow days this year, school was out on the 6th of June for the kids, but we have had TEN workdays after that (part of which made up for our snow days).  I had NO time left to take them off (because of all the time I took when our son was born early), so I was DREADING having to work all ten thinking I would be BORED OUT OF MY MIND for T-E-N days after school got out!!!  However, I have been so busy it's RIDICULOUS!  I have been moving things from my elementary classroom to my middle school classroom, decluttering, organizing, and trying to not look like a hoarder every trip I take to the middle school. :)

I have already started on my boards (my FAVORITE thing!):

In my quest to be diligent about blogging, I am PROUD to say that I have blogged and linked up all week!!! :)

My blog also this week got its official professional banner and button! 

A special shout out to Leah at Etsy for creating it!  Click on the banner above to link to her shop.

Window Smudgies
 Our son has finally discovered the windows in our house (because he can see his own reflection mostly---he is such a ham), so we will now have cute little baby window smudgies all over the house. :)

In TWO WEEKS from Monday I will be back here---HOME!!!

We didn't get to go home to Michigan last summer because of everything with our son, so we are SUPER excited to go this year--especially since we get to bring him with us to Michigan for the first time!!!!!  So between seeing family & friends and spending time outside we cannot wait!!!! 

HAPPY FRIDAY everyone!!!!!!!
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