Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Hello, my name is Lori...I'm a teacher and a hoarder. :)

Cleaning out my classroom at the school I've been in now for six years gearing up for my middle school move, I am realizing something. As a teacher-I might also be a hoarder!  Ha ha.  It's a good thing I am moving or who KNOWS what it would look like in 6 more---or when I retire?!?  Ahhhh!

Seriously though.  When my husband and I moved to NC from Michigan to teach, we really tried to downsize.  However, today while cleaning out my file cabinets (two-yes two) which hold now 10 years of teaching memories I found stuff that I can't believe I had.  A flier for a  talent show from 2008?!?  I paid to move that all of the way from Michigan to North Carolina?!?   And how about this gem?
Really?  I saved that "in case" I ever taught second grade again!  :). That's one of many, too!

So, while moving classrooms, I've been faced with the realization that I'm a teacher hoarder.  :).   I had an intervention with myself today and got rid of an entire trash can full of papers (to be recycled).  10 years of copies of things I've saved "just in case".  I know I'm not the only teacher hoarder out there...there's others of you, right?  

So, as I continue to pack up my classroom, I will try my best to downsize.  I mean-this stuff can't come with me to middle school.

In the meantime...I better make room in the attic for my "elementary teaching supplies" never know if I'll need them.
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  1. LOL. I just found 6 tubs...yes, full-sized tubs of social studies binders that I moved 3 hours and have never used...They are in the shed awaiting my last weeks of vacation to purge. Can't just throw them out...must sort through them.
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